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Hide Caption 5 of 7 Photos: The Railway authorities say that the expenditure on the construction of the overhead bridges at railway crossings is to be shared During the preceding 6 months alone he gave away Rs. The same day he gave away Rs.

Most of its land lies unused and unutilized which can yield very god dividends if put to proper and planned utilization.

But on the other hand there was open criticism of the railway Minister Paswan and it was alleged that his monthly food bill alone amounted to Rs.

Paswan denied the allegation of extravagance and said the reports were exaggerated. Two bogies of the Rajdhani Express were destroyed, while four front bogies of the passenger train also met the same fate.

Passengers sit in the waiting area at Shoranur Junction, a railway station in Kerala that stands at the intersection of four railway lines connecting the east, west, south and north of the country.

A few people were injured. It is said that the infrastructure was unlikely to be in place in the immediate future. It was done expressly to please the Prime Minister and his home State Punjab in spite of the opposition by railway officials.

On the one hand it is said there is paucity of funds, on the other it is alleged that the funds allocated for improvement of tracks, signaling, passenger amenities and other safety measures were returned unused.

All were looking for their seats. It has not been many days one another accident resulted in Southern India. Deadly train derailment in northern India A survivor of the derailment looks for his belongings in the wreckage.

Indian Air Force aircrafts involvement in frequent accidents and air crashes is now a well-know tact Travel in India has become very hazardous. Unfortunately India has many Neros, while the capital of Rome had only one. The train was boarded by a party of 36 customers and a tour operator, all from Britain.

ACD trials have recently been concluded successfully in Southern Railway. Hide Caption 3 of 12 Photos: It is said that the infrastructure was unlikely to be in place in the immediate future.

These are really disturbing trends. There should be proper accountability and responsibility and railways should be managed and operated professionally and with commitment to earn enough profits commensurate with the judge investments, it should not be run either as a charitable institution or a personal fiefdom.

Moreover, the repair work was being carried out even while the sun was setting against the strict rule that no such work should be done while the run is setting when the visibility is really poor. In the rural areas they can be used for cultivation and plantation.

There was a great rush in the train.

train accident

Undoubtedly, there is no accountability and responsibility in the operation of Indian Railways. Let start to write an informative essay about the recent accident.

I too was in search of a suitable place and luckily I got it soon. We can not compromise safety with anything else. The number of those killed in train accidents in the current year is already over This is the fourth serious rail accident in India since July.

October 01, Train accident has become a common phenomena in recent time in India. On July 21, he went to his constituency Hajipur in Bihar and rewarded 8 officers whe cash prize of Rs. And while the number of train accidents seems high compared to other countries, there has been a steep drop in serious incidents since in the early s.

At least were killed and 22 injured. We heard cries and moaning from every side. It is said that there is lack of funds which does not allow the required improvement in the safety standards. Consequently the train derailed and five of the coaches rolled down into the river while the sixth one remained dangling in the air over the bridge and the seventh was only derailed but did not overturn.

It is said that Mr. The government has signed numerous deals with private companies to upgrade the ageing network. Flash floods caused by Cyclonic Storm Komen dislodged a culvert causing a track misalignment, and several carriages of the Kamayani Express fell into the Machak river.

In the rural areas they can be used for cultivation and plantation. The following is an incomplete chronological List of Indian rail accidents. Entries on this list should have verifiable sources to establish notability.

s. 5 November – A mail train derailed near Nagpur, killing 10 passengers and injuring 34 others.

List of Indian rail accidents

Category:Railway accident deaths in India; International: Classification of. Words Short Essay on a Rail accident. Words Essay on A Road Accident in India ; Words Short Essay on a Road Accident.

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Waller, outside of an at the switchman was created by deadly train journey that this accident in near kanpur.

Why India's train network is so deadly

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These third-party service providers use persistent. When passing through manufacturing districts, one main feature of the scene seems to be, the large number of tall chimneys.

train accident

Generally, these chimneys send forth dense volumes of smoke, which renders the atmosphere hazy; and gives a dirty and grimy appearance to everything around.

India: Ganges boat accident leaves two dozen dead Read more Inan express train ploughed into a stationary freight train, also in Uttar Pradesh, killing 26 people.

Rail accident in india essay
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