Politicans dont get me started

Out with the progressives who are ruining our country, turning the U. No way will anyone hire these goofballs. July 25, at All human ancestry comes from the great rift valley in Africa. I have no problem with Senator Durbin, and nothing negative to say about Senator Kirk, because so far, he hasnt' done anything that irks my nerves.

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And everything is free,its on the house. It is much easier to tell people what they want to hear. Some women do this this.

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We only want experienced people handling Congress. Some states don't allow that anymore, and in those states you may see some new blood. And if they are not allowed to take the medicine that will cure them, it will only get worse. August 7, at And so the big 3 probably will get a bailout. When was the last beheading.

For their rampant bigotry, hypocrisy, zealotry. Mitt Romney is false, ignorant, stupid, arrogant and over bearing, and there is no paint that will cover those.

Nobody said you have to eat meat every single day. July 27, at 5: Catherine Rampell of the New York Times has a great piece showing that while lawyers are still the dominant profession among our senators and congresspeople, there are fewer former lawyers running Washington than there have been for a generation.

That, and our penchant for selective memory and revisionist history, Mr. No one cares about the 16 trillion dollar debt as long as they get their taxpayer freebies. Lying is the last part of the answer. I'm not sure what Obama is exactly and don't have a problem with that, but he's not even a typical American, let alone a typical black American.

Besides banning lobbying and campaign contributions, one of the best things we could do to establish a clean, effective Congress would be to have a computer impartially create voting districts, without any partisan intervention.

So most vote the "party line" or for a name that sounds familiar. They will agree that they are complicated. President" since they were nothing but two citizens, not two officials. He's black just because of the skin color. You are a typical biased republican.

The Big 3 are in Trouble because they cannot innovate and change. Take an Anthropology class. Just as with the "Harry Potter" book series, people continue to believe they have not had multiple races contributing to their bloodlines.

Therefore, politicians use them and laugh at their ignorance. Anyone remember Obama shelling out all that money to the banks and now the banks have made it almost impossible to borrow.

Failing to see that while they were necessary and needed to get us to today, they have long outlived their usefulness and are now not a boon to the industries, but a hindrance.

As for the Liberal National Party, the 45th Parliament will see a few new faces, including at least three from the greater Sunshine Coast region. The phrase has since been used as a derogatory way to describe people's problem with proper pronunciations.

He's not black because his generation has been in the US for so long that hwe might have a white great-grand father. The sentence is often used to show that the government is lying to the people.

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Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr. Apr 30,  · When I was 12 yrs. old I started an anti-plastic bag campaign. My goal was to get my town to ban bags.

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Just when I started, a bill was passed. Jun 10,  · However my PC ran stable FPS till 23th may (where csgo and faceit updated for me), where my pc started to stutter to extreme measures. I still have high FPS, but now it can suddenly drop to in a matter of seconds, even making my PC freeze.

Jun 27,  · So here is the deal. I am getting ready to do metal prep to paint a project that is in the garage. I am using laquer to paint this one. I have acrilic laquer in the color that I want but no primer.

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Don’t get me wrong, I think it should all be legal.

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A public tar and feathering of Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, etc. is in order. Take em all down to the La Brea Tar Pits and charge admission.

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