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The cowboy, who worked, owned, and sometimes managed the cows created the cattle industry in south and southwest Texas after the Civil War.

The true American cowboy, white or black, no longer exists in the minds of Americans. Many of these rugged outdoorsmen were killed in stampedes, frozen to death, exhausted from the heat, or even drowned. They were unique among frontier workers in being almost completely native-born including Anglo, African American, and Mexican.

He was given the name Dead Wood Dick by the people of Deadwood, South Dakota, because he won their distinguished roping contest Love, Together cowboys rode out of Texas along many notorious trails, such as the Chisholm, Western, and Goodnight-Loving trails that went northward towards Kansas, the Dakotas, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Although it is believed that the first cowboy novel may have been Live Boys by Arthur Morecamp a pseudonym of Thomas Pilgrimthis authentic retelling of a Texas trail drive was only one of very few narratives that critics believe accurately represents the lives of real working cowboys.

Despite these hardships, the African-American frontiersmen lived a somewhat dignified life. This was especially crucial to those who were previously living in the South and trying to survive as sharecroppers during the enactment of the Jim Crow laws.

After a tough day of work, they did not want to deal with aggressive white cooks. Bringing the image of the cowboy to eastern audiences, the show toured the United States and Europe until Athletic, rugged men were needed to settle the West.

For example, during the cowboy era on the Great Plains, cowboys were all unmarried and lived alone in a line camp or together around chuck wagons in small groups of other unmarried men.

Blacks maintained and even advanced a reputation of the most skilled cowboys on the frontier Porter, Among these is John Barsness, who has refuted the claim that the songs are authentic American folklore. This left a bitter taste in the mouth of many Americans and hostile feelings towards Negroes were still inundating the country.

These writers perfected the stereotypical fictional cowboy, endowing him with such qualities as individualism, courage in the face of danger, and an intense sense of obligation to help those in need. Many cowboys selected an outfit on the reputation of its cook alone Porter, The Black cowboys were made to do the jobs that no one else would do.

In contrast, it is crucial to get a clear representation of not only the demographics, but the factual history of the western range-cattle industry between and It was during the late s that journalists began writing of cowboys who drove herds of longhorn cattle from the south Texas country to Kansas and endowing these men with romantic and heroic qualities, including courage, strength, impossible daring, unequaled endurance, and a sense of fairness.

Black cowboys, whether on ranch or trail, were generally regarded as good workers, who got along well with others and who took pride in their work. In addition to having to be able to prepare a meal for twelve hungry men in a blizzard, cloudburst, or high winds, the cook had to be skilled in muleskinning and capable of driving two or three yoke of oxen attached to a chuckwagon over treacherous terrain or sometimes even through flooded rivers.

They were not essentially different in social virtues from the other main groups of frontier workers. Charles Siringo, an expert cowboy who emerged from Texas wrote a book-length account of cowboy life and said there were three stages of cowboys: Another important issue that was a source of conflict for the cattlemen was the fence-cutting.

Workers with special skills and qualities were necessary to support a booming new frontier. While free essays can be traced by Turnitin plagiarism detection programour custom written essays will pass any plagiarism test. However, it would never be tolerated to give the distinguished honor of ranch or trail boss to a man with colored skin.

These are the versions we see throughout the mass media including books, magazines, and movies.

Literature of the American Cowboy Critical Essays

The industry was fueled by the desire for beef on the east coast, a desire that could be satiated due to the completion of the transcontinental railroad inwhich made it possible to transport livestock to slaughterhouses in Chicago and Kansas City.

It is important to emphasize the distinction that historians make between the pop-culture romantic image of the cowboy and the actual lives of cowboys who worked the ranches in a quiet and solitary manner.

The success of settling the West can be contributed to men such as Nat Love, but one can certainly not omit the hardworking cowboys who did not live such a glamorous life.

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Describe the myths and the realities of the American cowboy. Modern society envisions a cowboy as a chic, rustic man on a horse riding into the sunset; yet, a true cowboy was a laborer. The work of a trail drive was arduous and temperamental.3/5(4).

Free Essay: John Wayne as the American Cowboy When I think of an American cowboy in my mind I see a picture of John Wayne mounted high on his horse in a.

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The American cowboy is symbolized by the glamorization of the real working cowboys. Those individuals that worked all day long in the hot sun protecting the herd and at the end of the day sat next to an open fire and finally sleeping under the stars.

Essay about Cowboys With Guns - Cowboys with Guns during the Wild Wild West In the Old West, guns played an important role in the lives of cowboys. There were various.

The American Cowboy: Myth vs. Reality Essay Sample

The American Cowboy's way of life was interesting and unique, and they contributed more to society than one might think. Besides looking after stock and driving cattle, they had .

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