1970 cyclone of bangladesh essay

It was designed to combine with a much larger ongoing flood-control and development program. Based on the data generated by the system numerical modeling on storm surge and flooding can forecast the inundation level from where the affected population can be evacuated to safer places.

Therefore systematic regeneration of the bio-shields in the coastal belts wherever feasible is the most natural and cost effective method of protecting these areas from storm surges and erosion.

They protect fertile coastal agricultural land from erosion. Broadly such strategies would be two fold: Such trainings can be better organized by a core group of community trainers who can be trained intensively by the specialized government and non-government agencies.

They also accused the president of playing down the news coverage. Therefore, the local capacities have to be continuously upgraded and further developed according to the changing needs and the developments of science and technology and other improved practices in various sectors.

Analysis of the intensity of cyclones and the deaths and damages caused by them indicate very diverse co-relationship according to the level of economic and social development of the countries and the state of preparedness of the communities.

The Americans had provided about 50 small boats and the British 70 for supply distribution. Government support would also be necessary for reconstruction of the damaged public assets.

Non-structural measures refer to awareness and education, policies techno-legal systems and practices, training, capacity development etc. The time series data on cyclones have been utilized to map and zone the areas prone to the hazards of cyclone. Sea walls can be vertical, sloping or curved.

However developed or efficient a response mechanism could be there would always be a time gap between the disaster and the actual response from the government and other agencies.

1970 Bhola cyclone

Maintenance of such structures further requires recurrent expenditure. The failure of the West Pakistani government to respond quickly to the crisis contributed to the political turmoil that produced an independent Bangladesh in Total and Acceptable Risk Any strategy for cyclone risk mitigation or for that matter mitigation of any disaster risk would depend on correct estimation of total and acceptable risks.

The ship sent out a distress signal and reported experiencing hurricane-force winds before it sank. For instance, the Pichavaram mangrove forest, a tourist attraction in Cuddalore district, protected about 6, people living in six hamlets located between meters and one kilometer from the mangroves.

This suggests that the young, old and sick were at highest risk of perishing in the cyclone and its surge. This conflict widened into the Indo-Pakistani War of in December and concluded with the creation of Bangladesh.

Electronic, print and folk media can play important roles in awareness generation on a large scale. A Red Cross official stated some of the relief workers sent to East Pakistan were poorly trained, and the organisation would compile a list of specialists.

Such ideal solutions are not very common, but the two complementary processes — increasing spread of scientific education on the one hand and growing respect of traditional and indigenous knowledge on the other — are creating awareness of such solutions, highlighting need for increased collaboration among the physical and social scientists for cyclone risk assessment and analysis at the local level.

The mean mortality throughout the affected region was The challenge of capacity development is to transfer the new horizons of knowledge into actionable modules at the local levels for the local people by the local community.

Awareness and Education While training and capacity development target specific groups according to their specific training needs, awareness generation is more of a general in nature which sensitizes common masses about the risks, vulnerabilities of cyclones and the preventive, mitigative and preparedness measures that can be taken at the government, community, household and individual level.

The president ordered "no effort to be spared" to relieve the victims. A seawall is a coastal defense constructed usually of reinforced concrete on the inland part of a coast to prevent the ingress of storm surges arising out of cyclones.

Similarly deficit in preparedness would be taking a chance with risks that may cause avoidable damages. Such capacities can be developed through meetings, interactions, discussions, exposure visits and trainings. Cyclone Bhola makes landfall in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) killing up to , making it the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded Event of Interest Bangladesh (East Pakistan) under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declares its independence from Pakistan.

The Bhola cyclone was disaster. It killed overpeople and left thousands homeless.

East Pakistan devastated by cylcone

A cyclone is a hurricane, but in Asia, they’re called cyclones. Bangladesh in was the site of multiple conflicts: a civil war between the the two wings Tropical Cyclone Bhola, a category 3 storm, made landfall on the East Pakistan coastline on November 12, It claimed The East Pakistan Genocide - A Realist Perspective.

genocide. the. In. In Novemberthe Bhola Cyclone smashed into East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and West Bengal (India) and killed at leastpeople. In November a devastating cyclone struck the coast of Bengal and claimed the lives of almost half of a million people, who survived suffered disease and starvation " a second Hiroshima".

Yahya Khan was the president promised/5(2). BANGLADESH CYCLONES IN 1. INTRODUCTION A "Cyclonic Storm" or a "Cyclone" is an intense vortex or a whirl in the atmosphere with very strong winds circulating around it in anti-clockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere and in clockwise direction in the Southern Hemisphere.

1970 cyclone of bangladesh essay
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